Going World Cup crazy with My Virgin Kitchen

The World Cup is just under a month away and we’re getting excited. The boys in the office are spending their lunch times working on their sticker books like 12 year olds rather than the respectable business men they are (ahem!), and talk is underway about where people are going to watch the games. We couldn’t let the occasion go without  marking it on Videojug Food and Drink and so last week we welcomed Barry Lewis back from My Virgin Kitchen to create our Good Food Good Times World Cup Special series.


The series will see Barry cooking up recipes from countries around the world over the next 8 weeks, including  Brazilia hotdogs, Italian calzone, Australian meat pies and Spanish omelette. How yummy do these all look!

Image Image Image

It was great fun researching and trying out the different dishes from around the world. The most unusual ones we decided were the Brazilian hotdogs, which apparently can feature mash potato and mince, and the Dutch dish slavinken, which is mince wrapped in bacon. However, the Videojug crew were happy to give everything a go…and pretty much demolished every dish Barry created.


Knowing Barry’s love for dressing up (check out his old lady Jaegerbomb trifle video) we couldn’t resist getting him to don a few costumes for the series. As well as a few football shirts, we managed to get poor Barry into some great Australian and US get ups, and try out his scootering skills on cameraman Oscar’s Lambretta.


Going kangaroo crazy…


It was a long drive from Naples to Kings Cross


God Bless America!

The series starts this week on Videojug and next week on our YouTube channel. As well as the recipes mentioned above there’s also good old English toad in the hole, sloppy Joes and Mexican tacos. Make sure you check it out, leave comments and send us your pictures to @videojugfood.

And if you haven’t checked out any of Barry’s first series with us then make sure you take a look now!




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